Anxiety Counselling | What does Christmas mean for you?

As we approach the 25th December, with increasing pressure from retailers, radio stations blasting merry tunes, TV channels swimming in festive delights, it is no wonder that Christmas-time can induce anxiety and stress in people with concern about meeting others peoples’ expectations – children, partners, family, friends, relatives, work colleagues […] Read more »

I Really Should…….

Whilst The Oxford Compact English Dictionary will advise you that this is a “duty or obligation,” with which you may quite understandably agree,  a therapist hearing these words might experience something of an “aha” moment….. What nonsense you may say and on the surface, yes I agree with you.  But […] Read more »

Emotion – It can come out of the blue

Have you ever woken up one day with a feeling of inexplicable sadness, depression or anxiety, where you feel weighed down physically and mentally and find it’s a struggle to get going? You might also feel vulnerable and tearful. Whilst there could be physiological reasons for your mood, there could […] Read more »