Individual sessions £45

Couple sessions £60

Eating Disorder & Obesity Treatment sessions £55


The first session will involve an assessment of your individual needs and a discussion of therapy options.   Your therapist will ask you some questions about yourself at this meeting in order to understand a little about your life experiences to date and what is bringing you into therapy at this time.   The session may be a little longer than the times given above.

Frequency of Therapy Sessions 

At assessment you will discuss whether short or longer-term therapy is going to be most effective for your particular issue and you may also agree to review progress at various points. Initially it is best to have regular contact weekly with your therapist so that you can hold good awareness in-between sessions.   You may choose to meet more often if you need further support at any time.   When you feel ready to move on, your therapist will discuss with you how you would like to end your work together – you may choose to end quickly,  or to take a few sessions drawing work to a close and you may elect to have a follow-up meeting at some point. However this happens, you will have the chance to understand more about how you as an individual approach endings and what these mean for you.  This is an example of how a person might learn about themselves through therapy.


With 2 days notice, sessions can be rearranged where you are unable to make an appointment.  The full amount is chargeable if you cancel with less notice.


Sessions can be booked monthly in advance with a 10% discount

Concessionary rates are available on request

Payment Method

Payment by cash, cheque BACS transfer