Addiction Counselling in Brighton and Hove

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a serious condition that affects more individuals than many people realise. Fortunately, one to one addiction counselling is available for all who need it and is often the first step towards regaining control of one’s life. Drug and alcohol counseling is available both privately and through your local drug action team.

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Drug dependence counselling in Brighton or treatment for alcohol use disorder is focused on supporting a person to achieve and maintain abstinence not only from addictive chemicals or substances but also the behaviours that might trigger and fuel the addiction.

One of the primary ways one can benefit from working with a Brighton-based addiction counsellor is increase in  motivation to quit. Addiction therapy and counselling is a facilitative process which helps individuals overcome any personal fears and anxiety which they may be experiencing. It is also one of the most effective ways to beat the debilitating and destructive illness that is addiction.

No matter if a person is looking to overcome an addiction for the first time or they are looking for continued therapy after treatment is over, Brighton and Hove based addiction counselling is available whenever a person feels they need to talk. Counselling strategies may include (i) Smart Recovery, which focuses on self reliance, and self empowerment, (ii) the 12 step program, based on the disease model of addiction, and first published by Alcoholics Anonymous,  (iii) the client-centered approach to therapeutic change espoused by Carl Rogers who identified three requisites for personal change: unconditional self esteem, empathy, and authenticity (iv) social cognitive therapy (v) relapse prevention.

Affordable counselling for addiction in Brighton and Hove can be in the form of group sessions or one-to-one sessions depending on the needs of the individual.  Speaking to a recommended specialist addiction treatment therapist in the Brighton area will enable you to discuss treatment options in confidence and share the problems you are currently having. Seeking counselling for addiction can be difficult, as it means admitting you have a problem, but it can be a very important step on the road to recovery and to rebuilding relationships.

Affordable addiction counselling, drug and alcohol therapy in Brighton and Hove.

Psychotherapy for dealing with drug, alcohol, food, shopping, sex, gaming, gambling addictions.