If you feel you are “addicted” to something like the use of drugs, alcohol, gambling, self-harming, sex, shopping, exercise, anger or something else – this may suggest that you struggle to find support through people whether friends, family, partners or yourself.  Managing life stress and difficulties by taking drugs, using alcohol, gambling, anger, self-harm or obsessing about sex, shopping or exercise for example, are all signs of crisis, in which a person may be feeling hopeless, powerless to reach out for help and alone.  Through addictive behaviour a person may feel depleted, empty, useless, helpless, guilty, or ashamed.  Close friends, partners or family, may be impacted with lies, cheating, blaming, hiding, infidelity or violence. 

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Addiction Treatment in Brighton and Hove

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Drugs and Alcohol Addiction counselling in Brighton and Hove

Residential Services for Addiction

Where a person is using alcohol and/or drugs to the extent that they have little if any personal control, then a residential treatment centre may help them to safely undergo a detox programme and begin a process of “learning to live,” without the use of alcohol and drugs.  Hove Counselling Practice can offer information about residential services available in Sussex.  Please contact us if you would like to find out more.  

Individual Addiction Therapy in Brighton and Hove

Whether a person is emerging from residential treatment or starting to worry about their use of drugs and/or alcohol, individual therapy aims to engage a person’s relational capacities.  By relating to a therapist, a person can learn how to start bearing extreme situations and distress without turning to drugs and alcohol, so gradually they begin to build evidence of personal control which may help to nurture a sense of pride and increasing well-being.  Even though the process may be challenging with potential relapse experiences, treatment will not be judgemental and will reframe relapse as an important learning opportunity for growth, with ongoing encouragement and belief in the possibility of change.  Family, friends or a partner may also be involved in therapy to explore support options in-between sessions.  


Hove Problem Gambling Addiction Services 

Addictive gambling is often hard to detect and may remain hidden to others for a long time.  The compulsion to gamble can dominate a person’s mind, driving them to chase losses and lie to others about their addiction.  They may gamble as an escape from feelings of guilt and shame and feel very irritable and frustrated if they attempt to reduce or stop their gambling.  

Specialised Brighton addiction counselling approaches can help a person who is committed to stopping.  In the first instance they will be encouraged to engage someone else to take control of their money and to take advantage of self-exclusion methods, to limit access to gambling.  Once these measures are in place, gambling addiction therapy in Brighton and Hove will focus on a person’s underlying motives for gambling, as well as exploring other ways of distracting and engaging their mind.  Goals may be set in-between sessions, to help challenge and guide a person along a path of change.  Close friends, partners and family members may also be involved in treatment, to help support a problem gambler in addressing new lifestyle behaviours.