Managing the Fear and Anxiety tied to Coronavirus

We recently came across this article authored by Robert Pawlicki, a semi-retired psychologist  which we found to be an authoritative perspective on managing the fears and anxieties surrounding the corona virus pandemic: As you read this, you may notice, with a bit of introspection, that you are a little more […] Read more »

Feeling Anxious And Doubting Yourself?

When you’re in this kind of state, it can be very difficult to imagine anything ever feeling better.  Its too easy to feel down, to blame yourself and possibly judge yourself as being “stupid, pathetic, a no-hoper, an embarrassment.”  It probably doesn’t help that you have friends and or family […] Read more »

Stop Talking AT Me, I Can’t Hear You!

“For years I’ve felt so drowned out by you when you start talking, its less like talking with me, more like you’re giving me a lecture about something.  You don’t seem to realise that I just switch off and wait for you to stop…..I can’t listen to you anymore, I […] Read more »

Can Brighton and Hove Relationship Counselling Help?

Are you in an insecure, unhappy or anxious in a troubled, broken or conflicted relationship in Brighton and Hove? Maybe you are wondering how the happy place you were once in with your partner could possibly have deteriorated to where you are now, finding yourself so unhappy and insecure.   […] Read more »