When you’re in this kind of state, it can be very difficult to imagine anything ever feeling better.  Its too easy to feel down, to blame yourself and possibly judge yourself as being “stupid, pathetic, a no-hoper, an embarrassment.”  It probably doesn’t help that you have friends and or family around in your life that seem to be your polar opposite – this just highlights how awful you feel, all the more.

Whilst this is a miserable way to be feeling, it’s also important to recognise how limited you are when you’re in this type of place.  The chances of you being able to help yourself are very low and yet it’s likely that you may even have high expectations at such a time!  If you can accept this and begin to acknowledge your lack of capacity at such a period in your life, then ironically, things may just be able to start moving in a different direction….

When we “hold on” to a dark, gloomy and dismal perception of ourselves when we are depressed, anxious and disbelieving – the ways we are thinking are incredibly unhelpful.  And since it is thinking that can help to promote positive emotional change, it’s vital to be able to accept this point.  Why?  Because in order to feel better, you are going to have to change the way you are thinking even though you won’t want to and probably won’t believe it’s worth it.  This is going to be like taking a ‘leap of faith’ because in order to start feeling better, you are going to have to generate better thoughts so that your mind and body can help you.

When you think in a negative way this leads to various responses in the body that create negative feelings that match your thoughts and induce negative behavioural urges.  If you knew that you could interrupt this process just by thinking differently, wouldn’t you want to at least try?

At The Hove Counselling Practice you can learn how to do this with some simple practical exercises and techniques that you can take home and continue to use as life skills.  Get in touch to find out more and start moving away from anxiety and self-doubt as you take control of your THINKING and feel better.